Friday, April 18, 2014
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Adult Sunday School Classes

Foundations Sunday SchoolWise & Wonderful - This class consists of persons generally in their 80s and 90s, including men, women, single, and married. Each week we enjoy coffee, share joys and concerns, pray together, and study the Adult Bible Study lessons in a spirited discussion format. The class supports a number of local ministries with our weekly offerings. We meet in the Meeting Room behind the Welcome Center in the main lobby.

Ambassadors - This class, which meets in room 210-211 upstairs above the main lobby, consists mostly of persons in their 70's who engage in lively discussion, using the Adult Bible Study lessons under the leadership of a team of 4 members who rotate teaching. We enjoy gathering for breakfast once a month and support various ministries in the church.

Reaching Out - This class meets in the south end of the Gathering Room above the main lobby and has stimulating discussion using the Adult Bible Study. This class is made up of persons who wish to study the Bible. Teaching responsibilities rotate among several class members. Sharing is an important part of the Sunday school hour.

Seekers - This class of 35-60 year olds meets in room 205 upstairs above the main lobby. As their name suggests, they are seeking the way of Jesus as they delve into resources that help them become disciples of Christ.

Friendship Class - Meeting in room 204 upstairs above the main lobby, this is a class of ladies aged 35-60 or so, who share their journeys together, support one another in prayer, and study resources that fill their spiritual needs.

Wise and WonderfulGospel Herald - This class of all ages meets in the north end of the gathering room upstairs above the main lobby. We read and discuss articles from a biweekly magazine called "The Mennonite" which is produced by Mennonite Church USA. Other issues of high interest may be raised and discussed as well.

Foundations - Meeting in three classrooms above the main lobby, room 207, room 206 and room 203, this class consists of folks from about 25-45. Leadership is shared by class members, and curriculum varies according to interest.  Seats are always open for new persons or couples to join.  Social activities are also enjoyed throughout the year.

Hilltop - This class for uniquely gifted adults meets in room 11 downstairs under the sanctuary. Singing and rhythm instruments add a special dimension to the time together.

Sojourners - This is the class to join if you are a young adult wanting to connect with others at the same stage of life.

Sermon Discussion - Meeting in the library off the main foyer, this class enjoys lively discussion centered on the sermon of the morning.  This is a good class to join if you are new to the congregation, as it is informal and open to all with interest.

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Saturday 04/19/2014
Holy Saturday Prayer Vigil

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Easter Sunday Breakfast

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Easter Sunday Worship Service

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Yoga Class

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